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Getting started with the digital ordering
and delivery process.

This edition provides basic functions for a digital ordering and delivery process. Q Site Entry can be made available to customers by a mix supplier with a valid Q Plant license free of charge. The digital process is only possible with this mix supplier.

Q Site Entry allows digital orders to be sent to the sponsoring conglomerate via the SiteBuddy app or by using the web browser application. The entire process can also be handled using this digital solution. If the supplier provides digital delivery note information, this is displayed in Q Site Entry immediately after delivery. The representation of the expected time of arrival at the construction site helps to organize the construction process optimally. All information is automatically exchanged between the people involved in the construction project.

Order process

Order process

Orders for any materials are handled digitally.

Delivery process

Delivery process

The digital delivery note with its information is made available through the digital delivery process.



Digitally available possibility to communicate with the project participants

Project and order overview

Project and order overview

Central navigation area of the digital construction site. Orders can be generated, submitted, and tracked.

Master data management

Master data management

Simple, clearly structured input and maintenance of the master data.



Management of members, security and access controls, and supplier relationships.


Ordering process x

The digital ordering process makes it possible to digitally process all steps of an order for any material and from any supplier. Orders can be generated and transmitted as binding or non-binding. Final or conditional commitments or rejections, including individual notes, can be recorded by the supplier and are transmitted to the customer in real time. Adjustments can be made in the office or with the mobile device directly in the order. These changes are logged and are always transparent and comprehensible.

Delivery process x

The digital delivery note with its information is made available through the digital delivery process. This function depends on the possibilities of the supplier.

Communication x

The 24/7, digitally available option for communication with the project participants supports the entire ordering and delivery process, starting with the order through delivery to installation. Comprehensible, automatically generated messages prevent misunderstandings and ensure clarity in communication. Simple comment and text fields can be used to communicate additional information and notes about projects, orders, transport and delivery notes. The useful push notifications ensure that the latest information is distributed in seconds in the office and on the construction site. The digital, interdisciplinary communication reduces the coordination effort between those involved in the process and enables more efficient work.

Project and order overview

This function represents the central navigation area of the digital construction site. Orders can be generated and transmitted within a construction project and their status can be tracked. Different views make it easier to keep the overview. Useful functions such as the quantity overview (accepted/ordered/incoming), the calendar views, the detailed and map views as well as local weather information provide additional benefits. Certain projects can be kept in focus with the favorites function and the individual filter settings.

Management of master data

The master data forms the data basis for all processes. Depending on the edition, different master data are required, which can be created and maintained in master data management. There is also access to the digital business directory "Q Directories". This means that the items on offer, contact details and opening hours of the suppliers are available digitally and up to date for material orders. For the connection to logistics (vehicles), the master data contains an individual vehicle master data so that the vehicle planning can be carried out according to the delivery conditions.

Workspace settings

Administrative and organizational configurations are made in these settings. A workspace represents a closed unit of the company. Membership, security and access controls, and supplier relationships are managed. Factory settings, such as determining the available mixing plants by area and restrictions on the ordering options for certain plants, are also defined here.


Orders (suppliers) x

This interface makes it possible to send orders to any supplier. The possibility of ordering from any supplier requires that the supplier supports this interface.

Delivery notes receipt (suppliers) x

This interface enables delivery note information to be received from any supplier. The presentation of delivery information using this interface requires that the supplier supports this interface.

x Can only be used with the sponsoring supplier


Use the application immediately

With Q Site Essential, you don't need any implementation effort or process adjustments. You can simply download the app, log in and get started. The application was designed by builders for builders and has an intuitive and easy-to-understand interface. You can use the app on your smartphone/tablet or via web browser, in the office and on the construction site.


Exchange information transparently

Q Site Essential enables a uniform, transparent and comprehensible level of information for everyone involved, from the site manager to the foreman to the mixing plant. Due to the digital exchange of information, a large part of the coordination and telephone calls are no longer necessary.

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Q Site - Essential

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