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Master digital construction site management with our workshops

Innovative completion processes are crucial for modern construction companies — stay on top of the newest developments with our array of specialised workshops. Each workshop offers a strategic and coordinated introduction to digital workflows. In our opinion, the road to success lies in a simple change in thought patterns.

The workshops are lead by seasoned industry professionals; all of our experts are highly skilled at their craft and have helped their companies transition to digital systems and mobile solutions. Learn how to use digital solutions with ease and switch to a paper-free construction process!

Workshop: SiteBuddy

Learn the basics of construction site management, ordering and exchanging concrete batches with the concrete plant digitally.
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Workshop: Paving Team

Learn how to use digital systems to implement columns on your construction site.
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Workshop: Construction site planning

Deepen your knowledge of construction planning and develop strategies for dealing with the different aspects of the construction process.
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Workshop: 360 degree digitalisation

Learn all there is to know about the digital construction site, including disposition, mixing plants and construction fleet management.
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Experience our products in practice

We will show you how we can support you and your company in digitally handling road construction projects. In a personal meeting, we analyse your requirements, present our solutions and clarify your questions.