Q Machines
Intelligent machines - for an optimal quality
of the road surface.

Q Machines enables position-accurate comprehensive compaction control in asphalt and earthworks. As a roller driver, Q Machines visualizes the compaction results for you and automatically records the temperature and compaction progress. This information will be synchronized between all machines. Q Machines monitors the paving temperature on the paver, if necessary, at different positions, and saves it together with the current weather data.

Extensive analysis software makes it possible to evaluate the results, transmit them to the client and identify potential for improvement. Q Machines can be used on machines from all established manufacturers.

We support all your machines with a uniform solution:


The system records the temperatures of the mixed material on the paver, which are important for quality assurance. The tool helps you to always pave asphalt in the right temperature range.
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The system supports you with important data on stiffness, surface temperature and the necessary crossings. This makes a perfectly compacted road possible.
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Actively reduce CO2 emissions

Drive only where it is necessary. The display in the driver's cab shows the machine operator exactly where he still must drive the roller to achieve the best possible compaction result. This saves unnecessary crossings, reduces the machine operating time and is your contribution to lower CO2 emissions on the construction site.

Increase in service life

In road construction, the most important influencing factors are the quality of the asphalt and the correct paving temperature. Even if high-quality stones, fillers and additives cause higher greenhouse gas emissions during transport and the manufacturing process, CO2 equivalents can still be saved in the long term through the longer service life of the roads. With Q Machines you have all relevant temperatures in view.

Experience our products in practice

We will show you how we can support you and your company in digitally handling road construction projects. In a personal meeting, we analyse your requirements, present our solutions and clarify your questions.

The qualitative aspects are particularly important to us. Afterwards, of course, there is also the corresponding documentation, so that we are very transparent and correct for all parties.

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