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Q Site
The tool for digital construction process support.

Q Site makes entering the world of the networked construction site quick and easy. The mobile application accompanies you through the entire ordering and delivery process and ensures smooth communication between the mixing plant and the construction site. During installation, you will receive transparent information about the supply chain and quantity balances in real time. With larger road construction projects, the need for additional documentation and functionality increases. With the different editions of Q Site, you can manage all these challenges easily and efficiently.

The system supports you in the office and on the construction site with the construction site app throughout the entire cycle of your construction. From planning through execution to the final documentation, it provides you with helpful key figures that enable you to build easier, faster, and more successfully.

From the entry-level product to the fully integrated product - we connect your processes with our solutions


Support of the core processes of the construction company. Basic functions for planning and documenting road construction projects. Comprehensively digitally networked along the value chain - from the mixing plant through logistics to the construction site.
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Entry into the world of digital construction process support. Ideal for small and medium-sized road construction companies. Manage construction projects, order mix, as well as easily keep track of delivery and paving.
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The construction process control. Fully integrated into the company's IT landscape. Ideal for construction companies that need an advanced tool for the entire lifecycle - from design to execution. Including dynamic construction process control.
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TruckBuddy App

The easiest way to integrate transport vehicles into a digital supply chain. This gives you the performance transparency you need for an economical transport fleet. The App is a flexible link between supplier and customer.

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