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Essential Functions for planning,
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Q Site Essential is the flexible, deployable solution that is available as a mobile app and in the web browser. It supports the structured, digital ordering and delivery process for any mix supplier. All communication and changes can also be processed using this solution in a traceable manner. The digital delivery information is provided so that paving can be optimally planned. Q Site Essential enables truck scheduling for "Ex Works" deliveries and offers a digital delivery note archive. Operational planning for teams and construction equipment supplements the range of functions.

System extension

System extension

Q Site Essential offers all the benefits and features of Q Site Entry.

Truck live position

Truck live position

Receive the live position and current arrival time of all connected transports.

Equipment planning

Equipment planning

Assignment of construction machines and construction equipment according to construction plans and projects.

Team planning

Team planning

Personnel assignments can be planned, communicated with each other, and centrally linked to the project.

Transport planning

Transport planning

The vehicle requirement is determined for each material order and sent to the appropriate supplier.

Document archive

Document archive

Project-related documentation option of delivery note information, installation location and temperature.


System extension

Q Site Essential offers all the benefits of Q Site Entry. You can find an overview of all included functions here.

Truck live position

A transparent supply chain is created with the position data from the TruckBuddy App. The Q Site user receives the live position and the current arrival time of all connected transports. With this information, the paving process on the construction site can be controlled with foresight and in a way that conserves resources. This function requires the use of the TruckBuddy App.

Equipment deployment planning

With the help of construction equipment planning, the master data of construction machines and other construction equipment can be managed. After that, they can be assigned to a construction project in the planning calendar. Specific events for individual construction equipment (e.g., maintenance) or events for all construction equipment (e.g., holiday) can also be managed. Free construction equipment can also be easily found and assigned to a construction project.

Team deployment planning

The convoy planning completes the resource planning of the digital construction site. Personnel assignments can be planned, communicated with one another and networked centrally with the project. The planned deployments of the work teams can be clearly displayed in the calendar and filtered according to individual requirements. The operational planning can be changed by drag and drop. Then the changes are automatically distributed as usual to the departments or to the people involved. Ideal for any construction session.

Transport deployment planning

The basis for transport planning is the vehicle data, which can be stored in the master data. The vehicle requirement can be planned for each material order and, depending on the delivery conditions, sent to the appropriate supplier. With the TruckBuddy App, drivers receive a digital transport order in the form of a delivery note and continuously report their current position during the transport. The integration integrates the logistics into the workflow and enables a coordinated and synchronized installation through networking.

Paving documentation and document archive

With these functions, all documentation is made available project related. The delivery note archive provides the delivery note information for download as a PDF and in structured tabular form. The paving temperature, the georeferenced paving location and text information can be entered for each delivery note. The documentation becomes even more meaningful with the option of assigning photos or other files directly to a delivery note, which can then be evaluated from any Q Site workstation. All relevant documents and documentation created for each construction site are available digitally in the delivery note portal.


Orders (suppliers) x

This interface makes it possible to send orders to any supplier. The possibility of ordering from any supplier requires that the supplier supports this interface.

Delivery notes receipt (suppliers) x

This interface enables delivery note information to be received from any supplier. The presentation of delivery information using this interface requires that the supplier supports this interface.

Delivery note forwarding (performance entry, delivery note control) x

This interface enables the transfer of enriched delivery note data including recorded documentation and entries during the paving process (e.g. notes, photos, paving position) to third-party systems.

Master data comparison construction projects (ERP) x

Project master data can be transferred directly to Q Site so that manual project creation is no longer necessary.

x Optionally/modularly expandable


Simply create planning bases

You can easily plan your project with the mobile construction site app during the first construction site inspection. The system offers you the possibility of a complete employee and equipment deployment plan as well as truck planning. Of course, if unexpected changes should occur for any reason, the project can easily be rescheduled and postponed.


Get the latest information

During paving, you always have an overview of all ongoing projects, including important key figures, regardless of the mix supplier. This includes the current paving quantity, the paving performance, the material in the inflow or the arrival times of your truck. So, you have the possibility to intervene from a central point. This ensures that resources are used optimally and continuously.

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