We are on a mission to simplify road construction.

There is a rising demand for independent platforms with common standards to connect parties in the construction industry digitally. The products and services which form the supply chain, ranging from raw material suppliers to the construction site, need to be connected and organised. We aim to support these industry professionals with their daily business and enable timely, cost-effective, quality road construction. 

Our intuitive road construction software allows clients to manage their projects effectively. Our solutions are flexible and can be accessed from the office as well as on-site.

Our Purpose

We connect people, systems and processes.

We are dedicated to creating infrastructures where all parties can openly contribute and exchange ideas at every project stage — from the concrete plant to the construction site. In doing so, we believe that we contribute to building highly adaptive, modern construction cycles for current and future markets.

We simplify the infrastructure of road construction by streamlining and optimising data through industry contact points and platforms to provide you with simple and relevant information for your project

Our Strategy

We built two units with a shared vision; to create a functional and intelligent road construction industry.

We consolidate and integrate solutions and services within the supply chain to improve the usage and development of partner services while automating and simplifying customer services.

Our values

We are customer-orientated: we lead our customers to long-term, cost-effective solutions.

We understand your business's processes and challenges, and we base offers on current market trends and developments.

We are collaborative: we share the common goal of working towards an efficient and modernised industry, and we support that by enabling collective, community strengthening processes. Together, we can build the foundation necessary for success.

We are transparent: in all of our processes and procedures. We are open to and value new ideas from various branches of the industry.

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Q Point is a pioneer and leading provider of digitalization solutions in the construction industry with a focus on road construction.