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Q Plant Essential
The tool for a simple ordering and delivery process.

Q Plant Essential allows for a digital, error-free and transparent communication between mixing factories and construction sites. Additional costs as well as mistakes can be thereby avoided. The transparent process additionally provides the basis to keep current work processes efficient and cost-optimised.

Advantages mixing plant

Create the base for an optimised manufacturing plant

The transparent and easily comprehensible ordering system allows you to run a resource-efficient manufacturing plant — saving time, energy, emissions and costs.

Q Plant Essential Optimierter Produktionsbetrieb
Q Plant Essential Fehler eliminieren
Advantages mixing plant

Eliminate mistakes and miscommunication

Through the guided and documented process, mistakes and miscommunication can be avoided. Everyone in the company involved in the working process is continuously up to date.

Advantages construction site

Transparent supply chain

Real-time information during assembly allows for a transparent supply chain and provide the construction site with continuous insight into the amount of materials used. The foreman can therefore concentrate fully on the needs of the construction site.

Q Plant Essential Transparente Lieferkette
Q Plant Essential Administrativer Aufwand
Advantages construction site

Reduce administrative effort

Delivery information is transferred digitally and reduces the amount of administrative effort needed at the construction site. Construction manager, site foreman and mixing plant all have the most up-to-date and consistent information available to them at all times. Misunderstandings and miscommunications are both things of the past.

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