Q Plant - Essential
The entry-level solution for mixing plant optimization.

This Q Plant edition is the entry-level solution for optimizing the mixing plant. The focus is on the digital ordering and delivery process as a basis for optimizing the production sequence. Every customer of the mixing plant can be provided with a digital ordering solution (usable via app or web portal). The digital mix orders created with this are managed in the Q Plant Essential ordering portal, and communication with the construction site is also done digitally and at any time. Changes in the ordering process are automatically documented and can be viewed by everyone.

For "Delivered At Place" deliveries, Q Plant Essential provides planning options and up-to-date information about the delivery process available. Q Plant Essential also includes an interface for importing digital delivery note information, which is then not only provided in Q Plant but also forwarded to the customer.

Order and delivery process

Order and delivery process

Capture orders, order information and the delivery cycle resulting from order data as well as transport planning.



Digitally available possibility to communicate with the project participants.

Project and order overview

Project and order overview

Project information about the construction site and its access options as well as other important orientation points. Incoming orders remain in focus through incoming messages.



Graphic views for an individual overview of orders and deliveries.

Master data management

Master data management

Simple, clearly structured input and maintenance of the master data.

User management

User management

General settings for access authorization and administration of third-party systems.


Ordering process

The incoming orders remain in focus through incoming messages and are organized by means of simple feedback and transmitted to the customers in real time. Individual orders can also be entered manually at any time. The convenient use of the calendar, day or week, agenda or list view provides an individual overview. With the help of the current utilization overviews that are always available in the field of vision, the system can be utilized as required.

Delivery process

The vehicle master data is stored for the logistics chain and can be called up for every material to distribute the transport information. By activating the phone number, the drivers invited to use the TruckBuddy app to be ready for any transport orders. When the vehicles are connected via the TruckBuddy app or a telematics solution, the transport planning and the positions of the transport vehicles are displayed in Q Plant. This gives you an overview of the expected arrival times of the vehicles in the mixing plant and can adjust production and the silo inventory accordingly.


The 24/7 digitally available possibility for communication with the project participants supports the entire order and delivery process. Understandable, automatically generated messages and input options for messages prevent misunderstandings and ensure clarity in the order processing process. The change history shows all content adjustments and status changes of the order.

Project and order overview

They contain an interactive map view with truck and construction site information, the delivery cycle resulting from the order data and the transport planning. Each order is supplemented with the associated delivery note data, which can be retrieved in a structured manner and downloaded as a list.

Dashboards order

These graphic views enable an individual overview of one or more locations for the order category. These configurable widgets can be designed based on your own needs and interests.

Dashboards delivery

These graphic representations give an overview of the delivered quantities. The display can be individually designed according to various criteria.

Management of master data

Master data management enables the simple, clearly structured entry and maintenance of master data, e.g., customer data, construction site information or article data. Import and export functions makes automated data exchanges easier by using MS Excel. This is an advantage if there is no ERP connection, or if it cannot be established for reasons of compatibility.

Settings and user management

With the help of these functions, access authorizations, invitations for employees and group administration can be managed in addition to the general settings. You can also subscribe to order overviews by e-mail and manage and set up connections to third-party systems.


Delivery note receipt and forwarding (weighbridge, customer)

This functionality of the interface allows digital delivery note information to be transmitted from a weighing system (or another system that manages delivery note data in a structured way) to Q Plant. Q Plant processed the delivery note information and send it to the software of the respective customer (e.g. Q Site), if the interface is supported.


Optimize operations and eliminate errors

The transparent and comprehensible ordering system enables resource-saving production operations. The guided and documented process avoids errors and misunderstandings. All people involved in the work process in the company are up to date with the latest information. – this saves time, energy, emissions and thus costs.


Transparent supply chain

The real-time information during paving creates a transparent supply chain and gives the construction site continuous insight into the quantity balances. The delivery note information is transmitted digitally and saves administrative work on the construction site. From the site manager to the foreman to the mixing plant, all those involved have access to uniform and up-to-date information.

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