Q Plant - Add-Ons
The digital hub in the mixing plant.

The Q Plant Add-Ons can be individually added to a Q Plant Essential or a Q Plant Professional Edition. The Add-Ons include solutions for the integration of Q Plant with the system control, to display important system parameters in Q Plant, to compare plants using important key figures and to integrate laboratory systems and other quality assurance applications into the digital value chain. In addition, the add-ons support production planning and transmit that planned production program via an interface to the plant control system. In this way processes can be optimized, and production processes are made more efficient.

The use of the add-ons depends on the respective system for
plant control and quality assurance.

Operations and
production dashboards

Operations and
production dashboards

Compare and analyze key figures of all plants connected to Q Plant.

Batch reports and
document archive

Batch reports and
document archive

Information about recipe changes, batch duration and batch sizes in production.

Dynamic production planning

Dynamic production planning

Based on order data, an optimized production plan that generates individual loading batches for each order.


Dashboards operation and production 1

This dashboard requires the Operational and Production Data interface. Indicators of all systems connected to Q Plant can be compared and analyzed. For example, production indicators, efficiency and energy indicators and operating data can be graphically processed and compared with each other. The analysis period can be defined individually.

Batch reports and document archive 1

The logs provide information about recipe changes, batch duration and batch sizes in production. In the target-actual comparisons, quantity deviations of the recipe components are shown, considering the tolerance values, and form a building block for production optimization. This feature requires the “operating and production data” interface.

Dynamic production planning 2

With the focus on timely delivery, based on the order data, an optimized production plan created that generates individual loading lots per order. The expected production lots and recipe changes are immediately visible. The production plan can be adjusted at any time by combining dividing or shifting orders. This function requires the "production planning to plant control" interface.


Operational and production data (system control) 1

With the help of this interface, operating and production data can be received from a compatible system control and displayed in Q Plant.

Production planning (system control) 2

With the help of this interface, the production program generated in Q Plant can be edited directly and without manual intervention automatically transferred to the controller. This interface sets a compatible system control in advance.

Production data forwarding (quality assurance)

With the help of this interface, relevant information can be transmitted to laboratory systems and other quality assurance applications. The use of the interface requires compatible applications.

1,2 only available in connection with the respective interface.


Optimize raw material management

Based on the just-in-time principle, you reduce the procurement time for your raw materials and reduce your storage costs as well You can keep track of all raw material orders and delivery quantities and benefit from the digital exchange of information with the supplier. An electronic delivery note replaces the delivery note in paper format.


Producing efficiently

During mix production, you will receive an automatic suggestion for the optimal production process, which will significantly reduce the number of recipe changes. You also have the option of connecting a wide variety of production controls to the system and to view all batch information from all connected plants.

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