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Q Pave records the temperature of the mix as it is being paved; this is an important parameter for quality assurance. The asphalt tool also helps you pave within the correct temperature window. In conjunction with Q Compaction, the paver and rollers communicate with each other and help you pave faster, better and with more efficiency.

Easy paving

With the Q Pave assembly set, you can easily integrate the asphalt paver into your roller network. It comes with a retractable sensor carrier, surface temperature sensor and optionally a weather station. The modem-based GNSS receiver can be attached to the sensor carrier by the magnet assembly. Paving depends on the manufacturer and the machine in question.

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Important key figures

Q Pave records essential data such as geo-location, asphalt temperature, and the route to be paved. The additional width measurement supplements the temperature measurement of the surface temperature sensor. You get an exact representation of the temperatures around the edges of the asphalt to be paved. It also prevents multiple temperatures from being measured when two asphalt pavers are paving next to each other.

Benefit from a useful analysis

Use Q Pave to create valuable reports on temperature control, the construction process and paving quality. Both you and your clients get an additional layer of quality control, making the paving process more stable and ensuring that the documentation complies with industry standards. Ultimately, this leads to a fundamentally improved paved road quality.

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