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Q Machines - Pave
The tool for optimal paving

By using Q Machines on the paver, you can see the temperature information of the mix during loading and paving, which is important for quality assurance. The tool thus helps you to always pave the asphalt in the right temperature range, to ensure the required quality and to reduce costs.

Maximizing quality

Paving asphalt within the ideal temperature range results in optimal pavement quality. This avoids expensive repairs and warranty claims can be prevented. All information is presented to you on the display in the driver's cab – not just from your paver, but from all pavers on the construction site.

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Install easily

Get started quickly with the Q Machines installation set for pavers. The system contains a lowerable sensor carrier with a surface temperature sensor and an optional weather station. The GNSS receiver with modem can be attached to the sensor carrier using magnets. The display is simply mounted on the fixture using Plug & Play, additional sensors for temperature monitoring (floor, bucket, auger, …) can be easily added.

Use it on any machines

Q Machine Pave can be used on all pavers of any manufacturer and is therefore ideal for a heterogeneous machine park. The solution enables uniform quality documentation in construction consortiums.

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Analyze results

From the recorded data, you can already create useful evaluations of temperature control, the construction process, and the paving quality during the construction process. These are not only used for your own quality control, but you can also hand them over to your client as proof of quality. This builds trust and may even lead to new orders.

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We will show you how we can support you and your company in digitally handling road construction projects. In a personal meeting, we analyse your requirements, present our solutions and clarify your questions.

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