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Comprehensive compaction control (CCC).

With Q Machines Compaction you always do your compaction work within the required temperature window. The system supports you with important data on stiffness, surface temperature and the necessary passes for a perfectly compacted road. You can use Q Machines Compaction in earthworks as well as on asphalt construction sites, regardless of the machine manufacturer.

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Graphic representation of the compaction results from all rollers on the job site.

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GPS measurement

GPS measurement

GPS based system for measuring and documenting the crossings and asphalt temperature.

Auswertefunktion qmachines V02

Analysis and
evaluation function

Analysis and
evaluation function

Possibility to create various statistics, diagrams including customizable reporting functions.

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Automatic data synchronization between all machines and the office software with the help of all available mobile networks.

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Plug and Play

Plug and Play

Simple and wireless commissioning of the display. The application starts based on the saved machine configuration.

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Manufacturer independent


Standardized information from all rollers, regardless of type and manufacturer.

Hardware suitable for construction sites


The pre-installation includes all permanently installed parts such as the asphalt temperature sensor and the vibration and oscillation sensors, which can be mounted on any machine, regardless of the manufacturer. Machine-specific settings are saved in the intelligent node and the quick-change device can be positioned flexibly during installation. The installed equipment always remains on the machine.

Navigator set

The Navigator set is delivered in a robust carrying case. The navigator display can be installed and removed on pre-equipped machines in just a few steps by using the quick-change device. The GNSS RTK receiver with LTE modem is placed precisely and quickly by using powerful magnets. The equipment is simply attached to the prepared roller before it is used on the construction site and can be safely stowed away in the transport case after the work is completed.

Maximize quality

The compaction of the asphalt within the ideal temperature range and the number of passes are essential criteria for an optimal quality of the road surface. This avoids expensive repairs and warranty claims can be prevented. All relevant information is presented to you - not only from your roller, but from all rollers on the construction site. Q Machines can be used on rollers from all machine manufacturers.

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Q Compaction Normgerechte Dokumentation

Analyze results

From the recorded data, you can already create useful evaluations for temperature control, the construction process, and the compaction results during the construction process. These not only serve you for your own quality control, but you can also hand them over to your client as proof of quality. These builds trust and may even lead to new orders.

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