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Digital quality monitoring of asphalt paving at Boskalis

Boskalis is a global leader in maritime services, offshore facilities, and construction services. Boskalis owns several asphalt mixing plants or is involved in them and has multiple paving teams. In 2022, the company decided to evaluate various digital measurement and documentation systems to support asphalt paving. A crucial criterion was a manufacturer-independent solution, as machines from different suppliers, even mixed, are used on construction sites. In addition, the availability of a comprehensive analysis function was of high relevance when selecting the system.

During a pilot project, Q Point provided Q Machines for a construction site. An expert from Q Point accompanied the project, bringing in his extensive experience with the systems. After successfully completing the construction site, Boskalis recognized that online quality monitoring of paving and compaction temperatures, as well as automatic documentation of many other measurement values, brought significant advantages throughout the paving process. Therefore, the company decided to equip several machines with Q Machines. The system components were mounted on the machines easily and cost-effectively. The display for showing measurement results and the highly precise GPS system can then be easily and flexibly installed and used on the pre-equipped machines.

Boskalis - road paver laying asphalt.

Boskalis - road rollers compacting the asphalt.

Online monitoring allows the paving and compaction temperatures, the stiffness of the asphalt during dynamic passes, and the number of passes during compaction to be tracked in real time, allowing for quick response to deviations. The continuous visualization on the display in the driver‘s cab, mobile in the web browser or in the desktop software as well as the documentation supported the employees in achieving a high quality of asphalt paving by informing them in color whether the measured values are within the specified limits. Deviations can be detected early before they become major problems, reducing the need for expensive repairs or rework. The automatic and comprehensive recording of many measurement parameters is helpful for quality control and verifying compliance with regulations.

Through the implementation of Q Machines, Boskalis is optimally equipped to support asphalt paving efficiently and automatically. The manufacturer-independent solution proves to be effortless for machine operators to mount and requires minimal training. The automatic documentation function and diverse analysis capabilities contribute to achieving the required quality with minimal effort while providing a compelling proof for the client.

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Key facts:

  • Boskalis is a globally leading provider of maritime services, offshore infrastructure, and construction services.
  • The project aimed to enhance quality assurance during asphalt paving.
  • The manufacturer-independent solution "Q Machines" enabled easy installation and automatic documentation of paving and compaction measurements.
  • Online monitoring makes it possible to track paving and compaction temperatures, the number of passes and compaction parameters in real time to be able to react quickly to deviations.
  • Automatic documentation enables seamless recording of all measurements, simplifying quality assurance and regulatory compliance.
  • Overall, the use of "Q Machines" contributes to improving paving quality and cost savings.