Q Directories
The business directory for road construction

Mixing plants, quarries and gravel works and the mixed goods they offer are published via Q Directories. The information can be accessed at any time by anyone interested.

Best possible delivery offer

The Q Directories platform is available to any operator to provide the market with information about their respective offer. The information is public and can be used by construction companies and other interested organizations to plan construction projects and orders.

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Q Directories

Business directory Q Directories

Advantage for the mixing plant

With your entries in this business directory, you create a greater online presence for your mixing plants. Your potential customers can find all the essential information about your mixing plants with just a few mouse clicks. Contact details, opening times and the items listed can be accessed quickly and easily. Relevant documents can also be simple provided.

Advantage for the construction site

The directory provides you with information on the nearby mixing plants and gravel works and their products in the vicinity of your construction site. Here you can easily find the provider who will deliver your required material. Do you already know Q Site? With our simple construction site solution, you can access and order directly via the app or web application.

Experience our products in practice

We will show you how we can support you and your company in digitally handling road construction projects. In a personal meeting, we analyse your requirements, present our solutions and clarify your questions.