Q Plant Digitalisierung Asphaltmischanlagen

Q Plant as the basis for the digitalisation of asphalt mixing plants.

Asphalt mixing plants are large and complex technical masterpieces. They take a crucial role in the manufacturing and delivering of high-quality road layers. In the recent years, the technology within the mixing plants has received a massive boost. Be it in terms of operating controls, RA addition, burner efficiency, the increase of output power or the reduction of energy consumption.

The working processes in and around the mixing plants are, however, sometimes very complex and are often still organised and carried out by hand. These processes include the order reception by phone or by email, the search for delivery notes in the system, the planning of production or the evaluation of operating and delivery data.

With the product Q Plant, Q Point offers a strong solution for the digitalisation of asphalt mixing plants, whereby digitalisation means nothing more than automation of various manual workflows. In the versions Essentail, Professional and Enterprise, Q Plant offers tailor-made software packages for digital delivery notes management, digital orders via smartphone, tablet, or desktop, as well as for the evaluation of operating data and plant data analysis.

Of course, the possibilities are not limited to only one mixing plant and a single road builder. Depending on the constellation, many different road construction companies can communicate with different mix suppliers through a digital channel offered by Q Plant. They can place a digital order and receive their delivery notes digitally from different sources, including archiving. Operating companies with several plants in different locations can bundle operation-, delivery- and production data from all connected plants at a central point and access it at any time and from everywhere.

In addition, it is also possible to dispatch asphalt orders. Here, the head office can decide where the ordered mix should be produced and can assign the order to a plant that still has free capacity by only a single click. In the manner of popular messenger services, the customer is then notified about the status of his order on a smartphone or tablet. The same applies when a loaded truck leaves the facility and is on his way to the construction site. The foreman receives a notification, including the material loaded, the plate number and the estimated time of arrival (ETA).

Furthermore, Q Plant is the only software on the market which provides open interfaces for connection with weighing systems, plant operating controls, ERP-systems and various process control software for road construction. Numerous systems are already connected and expanding daily. If necessary, a connection to a new third-party system can be implemented and put into operation very quickly. The Q Plant software is already used by numerous customers across Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other Eastern European and Asian countries, where it makes a valuable contribution to the digitalisation and automation of manual workflows related to the asphalt mixing plant and their connection to road builders.

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