QSBW Baustelle

Are you ready and equipped for QSBW 4.0?

The abbreviation stands for "Quality in Road Construction in Baden-Württemberg 4.0", a process which is set to become the standard in the next years. The objective of QSBW 4.0 is an uninterrupted and digitally controlled construction process designed to ensure excellent paving quality over the entire pavement, increasing the service life of asphalt layers.

The pressure on contracting authorities to tender measures for the maintenance and new construction of roads in such a way that these have to be implemented by construction companies in a resource-saving and cost-effective manner is noticeable and will increase steadily.

Especially against the background of the global scarcity and increase in the price of resources and the social requirements for longevity and economic efficiency in public construction projects, it is necessary today to regulate planned road construction projects and to hold construction companies to their obligations.

If you want to participate in public tenders in the future, this requires a minimum level of digitization of your companyWe at Q Point have been doing pioneering work in the field of digitization for many years. We help road construction companies to comply with the requirements of QSBW 4.0.

What are the requirements?


QSBW 4.0 - Requirements

Q Point – Solutions

Intensive work preparation that leads to controlled, high-quality and uninterrupted asphalt paving with constant paving thicknessesQ Site can already record the project data during the site inspection. On this basis, a comprehensive paving and logistics concept for human/machine/material is automatically created. If changes occur, the project can be adjusted very easily
Dynamic logistics management and machine controlTraffic jams, delivery delays and inclement weather are real problems and affect the paving schedule. Our solutions take these unpredictable factors into account and adjust the paving plan accordingly
Quality control and managementQ Machines records relevant temperature data of the asphalt mixed material at the roller and paver, visualizes the results of compaction and displays the measured values precisely – machine-independent in a uniform software solution
Display on smartphones, tablets, and PCsAll Q Point solutions can be used on stationary PCs as well as on mobile devices
Documentation of all data with access authorization for the clientWith Q Site, the client can access data during the project phase, after the project has been completed important key figures, evaluations and statistics are available