Workshop: Q Site Essential

In this workshop, users can deepen their existing knowledge and also receive a lot of useful information as well as a comprehensive overview of all innovations and software updates.

Who is the workshop
intended for?

Users of our digital solution who are responsible for the planning and execution of construction sites in their company, in particular foremen and foremen who are in contact with their mix supplier, who order mix and are involved in the delivery and installation process during construction.

Aim of the workshop?

The participant gets to know the work process and the content related to the digital ordering and delivery process. He is then able to manage his construction sites, create orders for mix and exchange these digitally with the mixing plant. He knows the delivery information that the mixing plant transmits during the construction process. The participant knows how to use the information on the current paving status to optimize day-to-day business. He knows the options for managing and configuring his company's workspace

Workshop content
  • Purpose and characteristics of the Q Site custom workspace​​
  • Manage workspace members​​
  • Basic structure and design of the "SiteBuddy APP" and the web portal​
  • Management of construction sites or projects​​
  • The digital ordering and delivery process​
  • Using and Setting of notifications​
  • Export of delivery note information
  • Management of mix orders and communication with the mixing plant​
  • Vehicle master data and the recording of transport lists​
  • Receipt of delivery notes in real-time​
  • Management and use of delivery and construction progress information​
  • Advanced workspace settings​​
  • Outlook on the extended range of functions or further program levels
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Duration: 90 min + 30 min FAQ​
50,00 EUR / 50,00 CHF (excl. VAT)​

Dates for this seminars are available on request.
Please contact us to register for your preferred time slot.