Webinar: Q Site

In this webinar we will show our digital solution in a compact form as well as the advantages for you and the construction site.

Who is the training
intended for?

To interested professionals who want to get an overview of the product, its range of functions and the resulting benefits, in particular site managers and foremen who are in contact with their mix supplier - order mix and are involved in the delivery and paving process during construction.​



Aim of the webinar?

The participant learns how to get started with the digital ordering and delivery process using Q Site. You will see how easy it is to manage the construction sites, create mix orders and send them digitally to the mixing plant. The delivery notes are transmitted to the customer digitally by the supplier and can be viewed at any time. With the help of the TruckBuddy app, the truck drivers are integrated into the communication. ​The ordering and delivery process is independent of the level of digitization of the respective supplier.

Training content
  • Basic structure and structure of the "SiteBuddy App" and the web portal​
  • Management of construction sites or projects​​
  • The digital ordering and delivery process​
  • Administration of mix orders and communication with the mixing plant​
  • Receive delivery notes in real time​​
  • Export of delivery note information​​
  • Outlook on the extended range of functions or program levels

Dates for this free seminars are available on request.
Please contact us to register for your preferred time slot.​