Webinar: Q Machines

In this webinar we will show our digital solution in a compact form as well as the advantages for you and the construction site.

Who is the training
intended for?

To interested professionals who want to get an overview of the product, its range of functions and the resulting benefits, in particular foremen or machinists who are responsible for the optimal execution during the paving process, as well as the digital quality assurance of the asphalt road construction sites.​




Aim of the webinar?

The participant gets an insight into the area-wide temperature recording and continous compaction control system for rollers and pavers, the simple and beneficial use of the hardware and software components as well as their application and operation. He gets to know the work process and the procedures related to the digital quality assurance process as well as the documentation and analysis of the recorded data. The participant knows how to use the information from the system to optimize his own workflows. He is familiar with the options for managing and configuring projects and is given an overview of the interfaces for networking with other Q Point products.

Training content
  • Purpose, structure and construction of the HW on the machine​
  • Overview of SW tools ​​
  • Operation and use of the information on the machine​
  • Interpretation of the map representations​
  • Analysis functions with the desktop application​
  • Integration of planning data into projects​
  • Possibilities of machine disposition​
  • Export functions ​​
  • Outlook on the extended range of functions

Dates for this free seminars are available on request.
Please contact us to register for your preferred time slot.​