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Q Storage
The tool for warehouse management.

Q Storage is an inventory management system; use it to organise materials from your construction site or warehouse. Thanks to real-time status reports, you can track and monitor your resources with complete transparency.

Easy to implement

Manage all of your construction materials with Q storage with real-time status monitoring — know precisely where resources are located and stored in your warehouse.

Q Storage Rasche Inbetriebnahme
Q Storage Übersichtliche Organisation

Get organised

With Q Storage, all articles are stored and organised based on your criteria. Goods are received and stored easily using barcodes and a mobile device of your choice. Q Storage can also move articles between different storage locations without any problems. Full transparency and no paperwork required!

Simple commissioning

Thanks to the digital goods catalogue, you always have an overview of current warehouse and construction site stocks and the correct quantity and storage space information. Image-supported commission lists come in handy for making the right choice. Q Storage is accessible from a PC, phone or tablet, making it the optimal storage software.

Q Storage Einfache Kommissionierung
Q Storage Dokumentation Auswertung

Documentation and evaluation

Q Storage provides a clear, personalised dashboard that tracks your most important KPIs to help evaluate and document your use of articles. By streamlining this process, you ensure the optimal use of resources and enable seamless article tracking.

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Q Storage is more effective, quicker, less phone calls, no paper... simply time saving for me.

Oliver Fritscher Warehouse worker