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With Q Site Enterprise, you not only manage road construction projects easily and efficiently, but you also create the connection to other BIM applications. Q Site Enterprise offers all the advantages of Q Site Professional. In addition, you can use individual modules to support your construction processes even better.

Import geometry information

CAD systems are used for planning in complex projects. Use this information, for example, by importing your geometry information. In this way, you automatically and easily receive error-free planning bases for your construction project.

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Organize complex construction sites

As soon as your construction project becomes more complexity, various planning tools are available in Q Site Enterprise, which you can use to handle your construction site efficiently. Influence the paving and logistics plan according to your requirements to get the optimal construction site handling for you

Ensure continuous paving

Even with changing conditions, such as traffic jams, in the event of delivery delays or bad weather, you always have the optimal installation plan at your disposal. Our proven planning methods also take the unforeseen into account and provide you with information for a continuous work process in all cases

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Effortless accounting

After completing your project, you will receive all the information for easy and convenient billing. Because of the digital construction site documentation, which can be conveniently accessed at any time and from any location, you are no longer dependent on construction folders and information in paper form, but rather manage all data - such as e.g., the construction calculation, device management, employee deployment planning as well as the complete document and project management, digitally and from a central location. In this way, you ensure that all resources are always used optimally. In this context, we are also happy to solve individual interfaces to your accounting system.

Walter Röthlisberger Bauleiter Weibel

„Since we started constructing with Q Site Enterprise, I can plan from my office rather than being constantly present on-site.“

Walter Röthlisberger, Construction Manager, Weibel AG

Providing BIM information

The comparison of the planned information with the actual information plays an increasingly important role in the BIM world. With Q Site Enterprise you can provide your BIM system with information about the construction process and progress. This allows valuable information to be stored for the entire lifecycle of the road and retrieved for further measures. We will work with you to implement your individual solution.

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Experience our products in practice

We will show you how we can support you and your company in digitally handling road construction projects. In a personal meeting, we analyse your requirements, present our solutions and clarify your questions.

Expand the functionalities of
Q Site - Enterprise

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By using Q Machines on the paver, you can see the temperature information of the mix during loading and paving, which is important for quality assurance.

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With Q Machines Compaction you always do your compaction work within the required temperature window. 

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Q Dispo

Our dispatching tool helps you manage and organize your equipment, employees and transport effortlessly and without paperwork.

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For us, the qualitative aspects are particularly important. Then, of course, the corresponding documentation, so that we are very transparent and also correct for all parties.

Jürg Siegenthaler Project Manager