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Q Dispo lets you plan and control your resources with just a few clicks from a centralised source. Manage machinery, transport, and workers easily. Complicated Excel files and stressful phone calls are now a thing of the past!

Simple requirement notifications

Use the mobile app to report inventory, manual labour, machinery or vehicle requirements directly from the construction site. Dispatchers can receive orders and maintain a clear overview of construction site needs and available resources. After submitting the requirements, a message with the order status will be automatically sent out to the source. Enjoy paper and call free resource planning!

Davis Walter Disponent Brodbeck

„I am a dispatcher, and Q Point has changed my workflow for the better; I am so much more efficient since I reduced email correspondence and phone calls.“

Davis Walter, Dispatcher, Gottlob Brodbeck GmbH & Co. KG

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Equipment dispatching

Dispatch your equipment and machinery with ease! Track and monitor your equipment, deploy tasks and optimise the use of expensive machinery from the comfort of your office.

Transportation dispatching

Q Dispo automates every aspect of transportation dispatching so that the drivers receive a convenient tour plan with relevant information. Storage and building site workers receive commissions for equipment or material lists to prepare for upcoming orders. Keep track of pickups from the construction site and material and equipment transportation through your or your partners’ fleet.

Q Dispo Transport Disposition
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Workforce dispatch and scheduling

With Q Dispo, you can easily manage one of the most challenging tasks in construction; workforce scheduling. Manage your workers better with a detailed overview of upcoming holidays, workshops or exceptional working times. Workers are assigned to a construction site with a simple drag-and-drop, with an immediate schedule notification sent to their smartphones.

Holger Püchner CIO Brodbeck

„By using Q Dispo,we have spared our dispatchers a lot of work, time and stress.“

Holger Püchner, CIO, Gottlob Brodbeck GmbH & Co. KG

Simple billing

Once the project is completed, billing is executed securely and immediately. Construction equipment costs are billed daily and sent to the responsible business partners as daily rates, lump sums or actual operating hours. In addition to standardised evaluations, you can choose to use individual assessments, such as the utilisation of personal devices, device groups in comparison to construction equipment list records, or existing benchmarks.

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Experience our products in practice

We will show you how we can support you and your company in digitally handling road construction projects. In a personal meeting, we analyse your requirements, present our solutions and clarify your questions.

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<p><em>We used to have many complicated Excel files full of information; now, we have more time to focus on actual work tasks</em>.</p>

Harry Besenscheck Project Lead