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The tool for comprehensive compaction control (CCC).

Finish your compaction work within the required temperature window with Q Compaction. The system provides essential data on soil stiffness, surface temperature and the necessary crossings for a perfectly compacted road. Q Compaction is used for both earthworks and asphalt rollers and works with every machine manufacturer.

Easy paving

We provide everything you need for comprehensive compaction control from one centralised source. The navigation display can be installed and removed on pre-equipped machines in just a few simple steps with a quick-change device. The modem-based GNSS receiver can be positioned precisely and quickly using powerful magnets. In this way, you can pre-equip your machines as required and adapt your fleet to the requirements needed in the shortest possible time.

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Optimal overview

Q Compaction provides practical, real-time information during compaction work, such as the colour-coded control of your crossings. You benefit from shorter compaction times, as compaction only takes place when it is indispensable. With multiple rollers, Q Compaction informs you about your work results and those of your colleagues, making it easy for you to stay on top of your schedule.

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Standard-conforming documentation

Use the recorded compaction data to create valuable reports on the construction process and the compaction and paving quality, giving you an extra layer of quality control. The reports also optimise the process of following up on the part of the client. In this way, you can control your compression work and also improve it. According to QSBW 4.0 or another quality regulation, the standard-compliant work with Q Compaction enables you to advance the paved road's quality fundamentally. Q Compaction includes the documentation.

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